Little Millet Sweet

Today is Diwali, customary to make some sweets at home. Decided to recreate one of the sweets that i had tasted at a workshop, where there was Naturopathy food served and this little millet sweet was really delicious. I hadn’t tasted any sweet, which had no milk or any ghee/oil, that’s so tasty!  As always, went ahead and asked the host if they could share the recipe! They happily acknowledged and for my surprise it was the most easy recipe i had come across. Nothing like trying it out and sharing 🙂

This recipe is dedicated to my granny, whom i lost few days back. A brilliant cook herself, her enthusiasm to learn new things was just amazing and i m blessed to have grown up with her to acquire some of her fine culinary skills and of course the “Learning never stops” quality.

And its #vegan 🙂

Ingredients: |Preparation Time: 5 mins|

  • Little Millets  100gms
  • Jaggery  200gms(As per your taste)
  • Coconut Slices 1/4 cup( can also use 1/4cup of coconut milk)
  • Cashew Nuts 1/4 cup
  • Water 3 times the millet
  • Cardamom Powder 1/4 tspn


Method: |Cooking Time: 1 hr|

Wash the millet well and drain it. Take about 3 times the quantity of water and get to a boil. Add the drained millets and keep it on small flame, after about 40 mins when the millets are cooked 3/4  add the jaggery powder and coconut slices and mix it well. Meanwhile dry roast the cashew nuts and keep it aside. Put off the stove once its cooked. Add the cashew nuts and cardamom powder. Let it cool before serving.



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