Pepper Crusted Prawn


Winter is setting in and along with that, the urge to eat something spicy! Tried out a peppery prawn dish last weekend.

Even though prawn is my favourite sea food, it s a laborious procedure to clean it. But at the same time it just takes a couple of minutes to cook!

Ingredients:|Preparation Time: 10 mins|

  • Prawns – 12 pieces(cleaned and deveined)
  • Pepper Powder, coarsely ground, just enough to coat the prawns
  • Cornflour – 1 Tbspn
  • Salt as per taste
  • Pure olive oil to shallow fry

Method:|Cooking Time: 5 mins|

Add salt to the cleaned prawns as per taste and then add the corn flour well to coat the prawns, dont add water.

pprprwn      pprprwn1

Heat some oil in a flat pan to shallow fry. Evenly coat the prawns with the coarsely ground pepper and fry it for a minute on each side, until its crisp.

Serve it hot with a mayonnaise dip or ketchup.


Easy and quick starter! Hope you enjoy the dish!


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