Guava Sherbet


Fruit ice creams are my favorites. Making ice cream is a lengthy process, so i decided to try out sherbet, as it s easier. So wanted to try it out with my all time favorite fruit Guava. It s a easy, fruit dessert, as an option! Sherbet can be made using milk or cream, i used milk, thinking to keep it lighter, cream can be a little richer!

Ingredients:|Preparation Time: 10 mins|

  • Guava(Variety: White from inside)   7 to 8 medium size (Peeled,deseeded and cut into quarters)
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Lime   2
  • Milk/Cream  1 cup

Method:|Freezing Time: Might take 5 hours or more|

Churn the guava pieces, sugar and milk/cream in a blender to a smoothie and then add the juice of lime, mix in well. Transfer it into a container and let it freeze. Its best to be made over night, so that it gets enough time to freeze, if you re planning for a dessert for the next day!

Once it s frozen, scoop it out and serve it chilled. A easy dessert which is not too high in calorie!

guavasherbet guavasherbe


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