Cucumber Salad


Summer is here and we can all feel the heat. The only way to keep ourselves cool is by drinking lots of fluids and eating cooler food. Cucumber is an anytime summer vegetable.

Don t feel like eating a full coarse meal during summers  because it feels like torture to eat something hot during the season,so i just thought of making a quick salad using cucumber as the core ingredient and a dressing to compliment it!

Ingredients:|Preparation Time:10 mins|


English Cucumber 4(deseeded and cut into thin slices)

Salt (to drain the water content from the cucumber)

Sesame seeds 1 tbspn(roasted)

For the dressing:

Garlic 1 clove(finely chopped)

Sesame oil 3 tbspn

Chilli flakes 1 tbspn

Sugar 1 tbspn

Soy Sauce  1 tbspn

Basil or Mint leaves 1 tbspn(completely optional)

Method:|Making Time:25 mins|


Cut the cucumber and add a little salt in a colander so that the water is drained out for 20 mins.

Meanwhile prepare the dressing. Mix and whip all the ingredients except basil/mint leaves. 

Transfer the cucumber pieces into a mixing bowl,add in the dressing and mix it well ,you might not need the whole dressing,add as much required . Keep the rest for another salad.

Finally add the chopped basil /mint leaves and the sesame seeds,serve it before meal.


*Generally when we prepare salad dressings ,it will be a bit excess so don t discard the remaining as it can act as a dressing for another salad or sometimes also as a good dip for any wrap or roll:)



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