Chocolate Fudge


A quick,no stress,high calorie indulgence for the sweet toothed:)

Ingredients:|Preparation Time:5 mins|


  1. Condensed Milk 400 gms
  2. Castor Sugar 60 gms
  3. Cocoa Powder 40 gms
  4. Walnuts  1 cup(coarsely chopped)
  5. Butter 100 gms
  6. Plain Flour(Maida) 2 tbspn

Method:|Cooking Time:20-25 mins|






1.Mix all the ingredients,except walnuts,in a pan and heat.

2.Cook on slow fire till mixture thickens.

3.Pour into a greased plate/tray and smoothen the surface.Freeze and cut into squares and serve it immediately.


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