Carrot Halwa


Most Indians favourite dessert ,one of the easiest as well! In december we get a different variety of carrot, which is much darker and juicier than the regular variety(call it the Delhi carrot!) ,so the halwa becomes more tastier than the usual. I dont use milk in it s natural form but use condensed milk instead. So this is a five ingredient halwa and is quick to make!

Ingredients:|Preparation Time:10 mins|


  • Carrot 500gms(grate it or use the processor to chop it fine)
  • Condensed Milk  250ml(can use more if you like it to be very sweet,this will be just right)
  • Ghee 5 tbspn
  • Cardamom powder 1 tspn
  • Almonds   a handful(soaked in hot water,skin peeled and slivered)

Method:|Cooking Time: 30 mins|


Heat the ghee in a deep pan ,add in the grated carrot into it and fry until it reduces. You can cook it on medium flame for about 20 minutes. Don t cover it ,cook it open. 


Once reduced, add in the condensed milk and mix it well ,cover it until it starts to boil then open it and time it to 10 mins on medium flame,add powdered cardamom ,mix it well and then garnish it with the slivered almonds.


Yummy tasty carrot halwa is ready to be served:), some like it hot ,some like it cold(you can refrigerate it once it cools down and then serve),some like it to have it with vanilla ice cream! For me,it doesnt matter, i just love it any ways :).



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