Self Styled Mutton Biryani


Finally i got this right! My husbands anytime favourite dish,give him three meals of biryani he ll be more than happy! Been trying to master it to perfection,tried many variations but just failed to get it right! There was something that i was going wrong everytime. Now i created my own recipe and got it right !!

Ingredients:|Preparation Time:45mins|

  • Mutton 1 1/2 kg(shoulder piece cut into medium size)
  • Rice 4 cups(basmathi preferably,soaked for 30 mins)
  • Onion 2 large (sliced)
  • Tomato 6 medium (sliced)
  • Lemon 1 big
  • Garam masala whole(bay leaf 1,cinnamon 1 inch,cloves 5 and cardamom 3)
  • Ghee  1/2 cup
  • Salt as per taste

For the marinade:


  • Curds  1 cup
  • Mint leaves 1/2 bunch(a handful)
  • Coriander leaves 1/2 bunch(a handful)
  • Green chillies 6(can use more as per your taste of pungency)
  • Red chillies 6
  • Pepper corn 2 tspn
  • Cinnamon  2 inches
  • Cloves  8
  • Cardamom 4(green)
  • Anistar  1
  • Ginger 1  inch
  • Garlic  12 cloves
  • Coriander seeds 2 tbspn
  • Cumin  1 tbspn
  • Poppy seeds  1 tbspn
  • Rock salt as per taste

Method:|Cooking Time:1 hr. 45 min|


Strain the soaked rice and let it be completely dry out.Grind all the ingredients meant for the marinade and add it to the mutton and let it marinate for 30 mins. Once the rice is dry ,heat a pan ,add in some ghee and fry it until it s crisp and keep it aside,each grain should be separated.


Heat some part of the ghee and add in the whole garam masala ,when it stops spluttering, add the sliced onions and saute it until it turns light pink. Then add the sliced tomatoes ,saute it for a few seconds,cover it and let it cook. After 5 mins open and add in the marinated mutton into it and mix it well and cover it and time it to cook for an hour over low flame. It will leave out some water,so after 45 mins increase the flame and dry it out a bit coz if there is extra water you might have to add water carefully once the rice is in. If it s dry enough the measurement for water is easy. Now the mutton would be cooked almost 75%.

Now add in the fried rice into this and slowly mix it well along with the meat so that the rice gets coated with the masala,now add double the water into the rice (i.e. 8 cups,preferably hot water). Let it come to a boil then add some salt if required and squeeze in the lemon juice as well ,cover it and let it cook for 20 mins on low flame. Put off the stove after 20 mins and let it rest. Serve it hot with any raitha of your choice:)





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