Caramelized Banana


A treat to a sweet tooth but very very sinful! Doesn t  matter,indulging once in a while is good:) .This is a very easy one.Needs just 3 ingredients. Banana ,ghee and sugar. You will have to get the kerala banana which is also called as nendra bale ,it s the variety which is used to make chips and halwa as well,it s a tough kind of a banana which needs to be steamed before using.

Ingredients:|Preparation Time:10 mins for steaming the banana|

  • Banana (Nendra Bale) 3 ripe
  • Ghee  2 tbspn
  • Sugar  2 tbspn

Method:|Cooking Time:10 mins|







Steam the banana s in a steamer for about 10 mins . The banana s swell up a bit for you to know that it s done,remove from the steamer ,peel the skin off and cut them round and keep it aside. Heat up the ghee in the pan and add the banana pieces into it ,add the sugar over it,turn it around and let it be on the pan until it s caramelized ,turn it around and let it caramelize on the other side as well.Remove and serve it hot straight or with a dollop  of vanilla ice cream. It s yummmmm…….:)



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