Chicken Fry


This is the most simplest chicken fry one could make . Needs only 5 ingredients (excluding salt)! Already sounds simple isnt it? Well it is,slice the chicken fillet to your desired size and marinate it for 10mins,dip it the batter and deep fry it..simply simple:)

Ingredients:|Preparation Time:10 mins|


  • Boneless chicken  250 gms(Cleaned and cut into desired size of strip)
  • Chilli flakes  2 tbspn
  • Oil just enough to deep fry
  • Cornflour   4 tbspn
  • Eggs  2
  • Salt as per taste

Method:|Cooking Time:15 mins,including marination time|

Once the chicken is cut into strips,marinate it with chilli flakes and salt for 10 mins. Meanwhile make a batter with eggs and cornflour,beat them well to make a smooth batter and season it with salt.


Heat enough oil in a deep pan to fry the chicken.Once the oil is hot enough, dip the chicken pieces in the batter and fry to perfection, for about 2 to 3 minutes on high ,dont over fry as the meat will get tough. Drain it into a absorbent paper and serve it hot as a starter.


Quick crispy chicken fry is ready:)




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