Orange Marmalade Tea Cake


Met up a friend after a long break and got chatting about food,she s a great fan of cake and muffins and she told about one of the tea cakes she had baked a few days back,which she had recreated from a niece of hers,sounded interesting, except of course for a few ingredients which i would avoid.So obviously had to come home and recreate it in my own way,since i had only heard the recipe and not tasted it, wasnt sure how it was supposed to be:).So here s my recreated version of Orange Marmalade Tea Cake.

Ingredients:|Preparation Time:10 mins|


  • Self Raising Flour  2 cups
  • Orange Marmalade  4 tbspn
  • Olive Oil  1 cup
  • Eggs  2
  • Sugar  1 cup(powdered)
  • Vanilla Essence  1tspn
  • Milk  just enough to loosen up the dough
  • Method:|Baking Time:45 mins|ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Preheat the oven at 190 C.Take a mixing bowl and mix in the sugar powder,oil and eggs and whisk well until smooth add the vanilla essence and mix it. Slowly put in the flour  into this mix and keep mixing it without lumps being formed then add the marmalade and repeat the same ,it will be a thick crumbly mixture ,so loosen it up by adding in little milk until it gets a bit smoother.


Grease the mould you ll be using for baking ,dust it with a bit of flour and pour the mixture in. Now put it into the preheated oven and set the time to 45 mins. It will be a soft cake ,so once it s done ,let it cool and then cut it into small squares.


Serve it with tea:)

**Tip : If you like your cake a little bitter you can add in an extra tablespoon of the marmalade,that tastes good as well!


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