Pasta With Spinach and Cheese


It was one of the days that i was not organised for my breakfast! Went for a jog,thinking what to cook for breakfast all the way, as i had absolutely nothing stored ,except for a few things! Then suddenly it struck me that there was some pasta at home,so let me cook up something quick with it:) Got back home,finished my stretches, made my protein shake ,put the pasta to cook simultaneously ,by the time i had my shake the pasta was cooked ,al dante! Took it out and strained it and let it cool. Now peeped into my fridge to see if there was anything that went with the pasta,there was chicken fillet( you can also use bacons or sausages for this , as i dont eat processed food,i always stock fresh meat!) And there was some spinach,capsicum and cheese of coarse! So i was set to make myself a quick breakfast with the ingredients that were available:)

Ingredients:|Preparation Time:10 mins,including the time to cook the pasta|


  • Pasta  a handful(i used the Whole wheat penne, as i like them,any type is fine:)).
  • Capsicum  1/2 sliced and cut into half
  • Garlic  2 cloves (finely chopped)
  • Chicken  Fillet 1 breast(Cut into thin slices)
  • Spinach  1/2 bunch(cleaned and cut fine)
  • Mozzarella Cheese  50gms(grated)
  • Pure Olive oil   3 tbspn
  • Pepper and salt as per taste

Method:|Cooking Time:Less than 10 mins|


Cook the pasta in sufficient water and salt added to it. Dont over cook it would take just 6 to 7 mins. Check if it s done and strain it into a colander and pour some cold water so that they dont stick to each other ,set it aside. Take some oil in the pan to be cooked in,when it s hot enough,put in the chopped garlic into it and let it infuse into the oil and then add the chicken pieces along with salt and pepper as per taste and cook it for a bit,add the cut spinach leaves,and saute it a bit, add the pasta and cover it for a few seconds,lower the flame ,uncover it and add the sliced capsicum and put in the grated cheese,spread it evenly and cover it for a few more seconds again until the cheese melts. Put off the stove, and let it rest for a while ,open and add some more pepper if needed. Serve with a bit of ketchup over it…my quick breakfast was ready,i liked it hope you do too:)


*Tip: You can use tomato while cooking itself ,but ketchup gives a better taste!

**Tip: You can also make a veg variation of this by adding mushrooms or any other vegetable of our choice.

***Tip: Instead of fresh meat you can also add sausages or any other form of processed food of your choice.



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