Beer Batter Prawn


Prawn time again…i love prawns:)….and this one is a real great starter if you re a prawn lover! The batter used in this is whisked with beer to give that slight zing:). Very easy and tasty of coarse! Prawn is good to cook if somebody cleans it and,time consuming when it comes to cleaning the prawn, removing the shell ,deveining and washing it throughly couple of times and only then its ready to cook!


Ingredients:|Preparation Time:15 mins|


  • Prawn  500 gms(deveined and cleaned,keeping the tail intact)
  • Beer  just enough to mix the ingredients to get a thick consistency of the batter
  • Egg  1
  • Corn Flour   4 tbspn
  • Plain Flour   2 tbspn
  • Garlic  2 flakes(crushed)
  • Pure  olive oil  just enough to deep fry
  • Pepper and salt  as per taste

Method:|Cooking  Time:10 to 12 mins|


Marinate the cleaned prawns with salt n pepper (dont add too much salt as the batter also will have salt in it )and keep it aside.Take a mixing bowl,break in the egg ,add the crushed garlic ,salt n pepper as per taste ,whisk it well,add the flours into it and then whisk it further ,now start adding the beer into it slowly and whisking it simultaneously until you get a thick consistency of the batter.Now the batter to coat the prawns is ready.

Heat enough oil in a pan to deep fry the prawns. Dip the prawns in the batter and put it in the oil to fry.See that the oil is really hot enough. Repeat with the rest of the prawns . Cook it on each side not for more than a minute or 2(Over frying the prawns will make it rubbery),so take it out once its done n turns golden. I love the sight of the rightly fried tail of the prawn. Drain it out into a absorbent paper and serve it hot and crispy. If you want to ,you can serve it with your favorite dip:)..Enjoy!




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