Pepper Chicken

The most tasty ,easy and quickest chicken starter would be pepper chicken. There re different ways to do it ,but I choose the easy way, which requires only 6 ingredients and easily available once!

Ingredients |Preparation Time:20mins including marination time|

  • Chicken Boneless  250 gms(cut into cubes)
  • Pure Olive Oil  2 tbspn
  • Pepper  1 tbspn(coarsely ground)
  • Green Pepper(Capsicum)   1 medium(cut into cubes)
  • Green Chilli  1 (slit)
  • Salt as per taste

Method |Cooking time: 10 mins|


Take some oil in the pan to be cooked in,when it s hot enough add the slit green chilli, fry it for a while until the pungency gets infused into the oil. Then add the marinated chicken into it and saute it for a while. Since the chicken is boneless the cooking time is less, dont cook more than 6 to 7 mins. Dont cover the pan keep sauteing it until done, in the end add in the capsicum cubes and mix it well and put it off. Throw away the green chilli from the dish.  Let it rest for a while before serving!


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