Grilled Salmon

Another easy dish one can try is grilling fish . As usual keep it simple:), don t over flavour fish with too many spices! Just the basics are good enough.


Ingredients |Preparation time: 40 mins[including marination time]|

  • Indian Salmon Fillet  2 portion(with the skin)
  • Pure Olive oil  3 tbspn
  • Salt and Pepper as per taste


Method |Cooking Time:12 mins|

Clean the fillet and neatly descale it ,if any scale is remaining! Gash the meat so that the marinade seeps in well. Dont gash the skin , add salt ,pepper and olive oil and marinate it  for minimum 30 mins. Grill in on a high rack at 360C for 12 mins,6 mins on each side. When you reverse the side be careful not to break the fillet,so gently tap with a spatula under the grill until it completely unsticks from the grill  and then reverse. The skin should brown a bit. Serve it hot:)

Tips: If you want to flavor it a bit more you could use dry parsley.



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