Self Styled Chicken Starter

Had some unexpected  guest coming in and dint have much to cook ,just had some chicken fillet in the freezer and had to think and cook up something really quick atleast to start off! Pulled out the fillet let it thaw for almost  30 minutes and it was ready to be used:)


Ingredients |Preparation Time:10mins|

  • Chicken Fillet  250 gms
  • Soy Sauce  4 tbspn
  • Garlic  8 cloves(finely sliced)
  • Chilli Flakes  1 tbspn
  • Green Pepper  1/2(sliced and halved)
  • Olive Oil   4 tbspn
  • Salt  as per taste

Method |Cooking Time:10mins|

Since my chicken was in the freezer and it took a while  to thaw, it was still a bit frozen, which it good as you it s easier to cut it to your desired length or size. Cut it into moderately thin size so that one munch of it will be of a good portion to eat. Once you are done with the cutting of the meat,take some oil in the pan to cook it ,when it s hot enough add in the sliced garlic and let the flavor  infuse into the oil,quickly add the chicken pieces and saute for a minute then add in the soy sauce ,chilli flakes and salt as per taste and keep sauteing  it for 4 to 5 minutes on high , put it off and add in the sliced green pepper and mix it well. Rest it for a while before serving!

Tips: *Its good if the meat(fillet) is a little frozen to cut into the desired size and shape. Or if its freshly bought then use the scissors:)  **Please be careful while adding salt when you use sauces from the shelf as they already have some amount of salt in it,just to avoid making your dish too salty:)


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