Pepper Pork

One of my favorite red meat is pork :)..i dont cook it as often due to health reasons! As we grow old ,red meat s something which should be completely avoided. But the fact remains they are definitely tastier than the white meat:)

One day i wanted to try out something like a stir fry kind of a dish  with pork without fat, so i decided to buy thin cuts of the meat without any fat, the butcher had done a great job! Just like the i wanted it to be. Dint want to cook only the meat so cut a few vegetables as well.



  • Pork   1 kg
  • Soy sauce   1/2 cup
  • Ginger Garlic paste   2 tbspn
  • Pepper  1 tbspn
  • Pure olive oil  4 tbspn
  • Salt as per taste



  • Potato  1 big(sliced round)
  • Zucchini  green 1(sliced round)
  • Spring onion  few sprigs (chopped)
  • Carrots  2 medium(sliced round)
  • Button Mushroom  6 (sliced)


Take the meat in a mixing bowl, add soy sauce,ginger garlic paste ,pure olive oil and salt,mix it well and marinate it preferably overnight, or atleast for a couple or hours. I like to marinate any meat overnight as the flavor seeps in well into the meat. When it comes to marination longer the better:)

Take  a non stick pan and when it s really hot lower the flame a bit and add in the meat, increase the flame and saute it for 3 to 4 minutes. Since the slices are thin it will cook faster than a chunk of meat but i like to cook pork well due to obvious reasons,it s unsafe to eat it medium rare or rare it should be well done . So cover the pan, keep it in medium heat and time it for at least 20 mins, check it after 20 mins if still not done cook it for an extra 10 mins:) Let it rest in the pan for while before you serve . Take it out in a plate. If there s any marinade left in the pan that you had cooked then you can cook the vegetables in it. Add the vegetables in the order of their cooking time ,so potato goes in first, keep stirring for a couple of minutes,when it s about to be done goes in the zucchini then the mushroom carrot and in the end the spring onions , you can add a bit of olive oil ,soy sauce and salt if needed,other than what would be in the pan,don t over flavour and over cook the vegetables !  This makes a good starter:)


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