Coastal Fish Fry

Seafood is the best protein one can indulge in. Long time back when i visited a friend in Kerala,India ,i tasted a fish fry made by her mom,the taste of it was so good ,when asked for the recipe i got a recipe which was all hand measure so now the challenge was to recreate it with the right measurements of the ingredients! So came back home and a series of of trial and errors happened and finally got the taste right. The basic things that most of the Indian coastal dishes have are predominantly coconut oil and curry leaves,both these have a strong aroma and makes any dish healthy and tasty!


Ingredients |Preparation Time: 35 mins[including marination time]|

  • Sear/King Fish or Pearl Spot   500 gms
  • Rice flour   2tbspn
  • Refined oil of your choice ( just enough for shallow frying)


For the marinade

  • A handful of curry leaves
  • Tamarind Pulp 4 tbspn
  • Dry red chillies  8 to 10
  • Pepper corns  1 tbspn
  • Cumin Seeds(Jeera)  1tbspn
  • Ginger  1 inch
  • Turmeric 1 tspn
  • Salt as per taste(use rock salt if possible)


Method|Cooking Time: 5 to 6 mins|

Cut the fish (if using sear/king) into thin slices wash them and drain them well, if using pearl spot it has to be descaled and cleaned and washed and drained well, dont cut it ,it can be used as a whole fish,just gash it so that the spices seep in.

Grind all the ingredients of the marinade into a coarse paste and smear it all over the fish and marinate it overnight.Keep the fish out of the fridge for a while(10 mins) before you fry it. Take sufficient oil for frying in a pan,sprinkle some rice flour on the fish n when the oil is hot enough put in the fish pieces ,keep it on medium, fry one side for 2 to 3 minutes turn it around and the other side for 2 to 3 minutes more ,don t over cook ,it will become hard, take it out of the pan with a slotted laddle so that the oil drains out completely and then serve:)

Tip: While using tamarind in any dish use a little more salt than usual to balance the tanginess of the tamarind.


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